PCEA Kahawa Sukari church held a thanksgiving ceremony on Sunday 27th June 2021 for the excellent performance of the SPA’s 2020 candidates. This event was graced by the Moderator of the 23rd general assembly, the Rt Rev. Patrick Thegu Mutahi in collaboration with ministers from seven other parishes. It took place at the SPA grounds where there were elegantly pitched tents to suit the occasion. This was to celebrate the excellent academic performance of the year 2020 candidates despite having studied during the Covid-19 peak period.

The candidates showed up in large numbers all very smartly dressed matchingas matched their results. The SPA teaching and non-teaching staff were also particularly important guests in the event having almost a one hundred percent attendance. Pupils from class 7 also attended the occasion, dressed neatly in the school uniform for identification purposes. This event was also aimed at motivating them to work hard and attain an even much glory than the former group.

The SPA scouts and church brigade performed their marching moves in the presence of the moderator who carefully inspected the different groups. Class 7 pupils also gave a beautiful musical performance as led by their music teacher. The candidates, now ex-candidates, had two representatives who gave short speeches to express their gratitude to their teachers for the great commitment they had in helping them succeed.

Prayers were made for the ex-candidates as they prepare to join form 1. The moderator gave a word of inspiration and encouragement to the class 7 pupils who are the next candidates, preparing them mentally for the task that is ahead. The parents were also tasked with helping the pupils at home by following through their schoolwork. The teaching and non-teaching staff received a token of appreciation for their great effort in helping the candidates perform excellently. The event was a great success, and we hope to achieve even greater in the years to come.