Class 6 to class 8 pupils are the senior pupils in the school and are undertaking the 8-4-4 curriculum. The 8-4-4 system is the older curriculum in which the pupils take 8 years in primary school, 4 years in secondary and 4 years in university. This curriculum is mainly focussed on academic performance more than skills building. The classes have 4 streams each with an average of 37 pupils per class. The pupils are managed by 33 teachers who aim to see them attain academic excellence

There is a senior teacher in charge of the upper primary who is in charge of observing discipline. According to the new curriculum(CBC), upper primary will entail the grades 4, 5 and 6. As the government continues to roll out the CBC , SPA is well prepared as it purposes to ensure the classes 6, 7 and 8 pupils finish their studies successfully and  embrace the new upper primary group.


SPA understands that all work with no play makes Jack a dull boy, and because of this, the school allocates time for clubs, games, music and drama for these pupils. The games include football, basketball, handball and lawn tennis. The playground has been accurately marked and well equipped to facilitate these games. Any equipment needed for facilitation of these games is provided by the school. This helps to raise pupils who are all rounded. The teachers also take part in the sports while coordinating the pupils.