Our pupils do not only have excellence in academic performance but also in the sports they take part in. The school has a playground that is uniquely made to support football, netball, volleyball and basketball. SPA has also allocated a day in the week for sports. We encourage our pupils to wear appropriate sports gear and take part in at least one sport activity of their choice. Protecting our pupils is one of our greatest priorities, therefore, discipline and coordination is maintained during the sports activities by our teachers to ensure that pupils are not involved in rough games.


This is one of the newest clubs. It consists of enthusiastic boys and girls who aim at acquiring hands-on skills in matters of news reporting and photography. We are working on producing an annual school magazine, The S.P.A. Voice and running several club social media pages. You can follow us on Instagram thespavoice,


The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Knowledge of God is pegged on the in-depth knowledge of the Bible. This club offers the learners an opportunity to explore the Bible in and out of the class environment.


Here the demystification of the notion that number work is ‘hard’ is done. Pupils’ creativity in exploring new and exciting formulae in Mathematics, model making, project exhibition and field work is enhanced, culminating to excellent performance in the subject.


The elementary life skills like preparing simple meals, stitching torn clothes, button fixing, dressing, cleaning surfaces and general body grooming are taught. An all rounded pupil is one that has survival skills at an early age and this is assured at S.P.A.


Our life is as good as the environment we live in. The future is fully dependent on the present hence environmental conservation is paramount. Pupils learn to recycle, reuse and prudently use the available resources. They also  learn innovative ways of generating energy in an environmentally friendly manner.


To alleviate the shortage of fresh food supplies in the urban set-up, kitchen gardening is key. The club aims at equipping the learners with up to date skills in use of limited space at home to enhance food security.


The game of chess has demonstrated over time, to stimulate critical thinking, analytical skills and eventually sharpen a Mathematical mind. S.P.A. introduced chess club with a view to help learners acquire a critical mind in approaches to life issues and to sharpen their mind. On the other hand, Scrabble improves spelling and vocabulary.

Make a Splash with Swimming Lessons

We are excited to announce that Sukari Presbyterian Academy School now offers swimming lessons for our pupils! Swimming is not only a fun and enjoyable activity, but it also provides numerous health benefits such as improving cardiovascular health and muscle strength. Our swimming lessons are conducted by certified and experienced instructors who prioritize safety and skill development.

Pupils of all skill levels are welcome to participate, from beginners who are just learning to swim to advanced swimmers looking to refine their technique. We believe that providing our pupils with access to swimming lessons will not only enhance their physical fitness but also help them develop important life skills such as confidence, perseverance, and teamwork. So come and join us in the pool for a refreshing and rewarding experience!