About Our Kitchen

Sukari Presbyterian Academy has a kitchen situated at a strategic place in the school compound away from the classrooms . Next to it, is an expansive dining area where pupils and teachers eat from.

The kitchen has a system which caters for both the pupils and the staff and is managed by a head cook who works hand in hand with nine cooks.

Currently we have a population of 2003 (pupils and staff) in the SPA.

SPA kitchen caters for students’ lunch as well as tea and snacks for the staff at 10:00a.m.

Our Menu

Monday Beef stew, Fried rice, vegetables, Fruit.
Tuesday Ndengu stew, Chapati.
Wednesday Beef stew, Spaghetti, Steamed cabbage, Fruit
Thursday Bean stew, Fried rice, Vegetable/Beef stew, French fries, Vegetable.
Friday Beef stew, Ugali, Spinach/Sukuma Wiki, Fruits.