The Competence Based Curriculum is a learning process that is designed to help nurture the kids’ talents and skills. Our school has ensured that the children placed under the competence-based curriculum get the best facilities for learning. The classes are well equipped with projectors to facilitate learning. The children take part in social activities such as cleaning the environment. The teachers do their best to help the kids adapt and settle fully into this new curriculum. SPA has promoted CBC learning by offering the appropriate facilities.

Our CBC Journey


We have invested in installing all the C.B.C classes with mounted projectors, laptops and uninterrupted internet connection to enhance digital literacy as one of the core competencies. Our pupils experience a more immersive learning experience and this exercises them to learn visually and in a more practical manner.


Our kitchen garden has strategically been set up to aid in the teaching of the strand forms of kitchen garden in the grade three curriculum. The pupils have an opportunity not only to theoretically hone their minds with gardening knowledge, but to also practice the knowledge that they acquire. Expect your children to be young farmers!


The continued training has equipped teachers with knowledge, skills and attitudes that have resulted in a complete paradigm shift hence the great milestones achieved in C.B.C implementation. The school has also had bench-marking exercises with other C.B.C compliant schools.


The school has recruited a trained French teacher as the C.B.C curriculum demands the teaching of a foreign language. In collaboration with the Kenyatta University Confucius Institute, the school is exploring possibilities of introducing the Chinese language as a second foreign language.


The school has a standard football pitch, volleyball pitch, basketball court, netball court and hand ball court. Plans are underway to establish a state of the art swimming pool. Play equipment is in plenty suiting learners of all levels. Physical Health Education (P.H.E) is one of the learning areas in C.B.C.


We have our clubs – Journalism, Home Science, Chess & Scrabble, Drama & Music, Environmental/Wildlife and fine Arts – which complement our C.B.C learning. The involvement of the Church Music Coordinator has gone a long way in bettering learners’ participation in performing arts and competitions to national level in Drama and Music.

“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.”

– Anton Chekhov