Our lower primary group has the grade 1 to grade 3 pupils. The group consists of four streams with an average of 40 pupils per stream and are governed by a senior teacher who is in charge of all the streams. The senior teacher is in charge of maintaining discipline and overseeing the implementation of the set rules. The lower primary classes are managed by 12 well certified teachers who take them through their lessons. They take a total of 12 subjects with one being a foreign language.

Our grade 4 pupils are under the CBC curriculum. They undertake 11 subjects and one foreign language (French). According to the new curriculum (CBC), the grade four pupils undertake an assessment at the end of the year which forms 20% of their total grade for the grade 6 final year. The first grade four pupils under this new curriculum successfully completed their assessment exams in the year 2021.


Being under CBC , the SPA management has ensured that the classes are well equipped for their learning. The lessons run from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm,  followed by clubs, games and projects from 1:00 pm to  3:00pm. The projects include making mats, drawing and art work. The senior teacher records the pupils as they work on their projects for the sake of accountability and we ensure that the parents are able to access if they need to see the progress of their children in class

Our school has allocated a day in the week for games. On the designated days for games,our teachers ensure that the children have the appropriate games kit and comfortable shoes with a good grip to ensure safety as the children run about.