Departments are segmentations of a large field for the sake of specialization. These segments allow for distribution of tasks across our staff, and relieve the deputies of the tremendous task of spearheading all the subjects. Each department is assigned to a teacher who will act as the head of department and will be responsible for coordinating the department and envisioning its growth and expansion. Here at SPA, our learning sphere has been divided into several departments that spearhead the different facets of the learning process.


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Academic Departments

Our academic departments have always been our backbone and we continue to build our students academically. These departments are structured to build our pupils in the various disciplines and to hone their prowess. Our head of departments invest themselves into research and development in their respective fields. Our philosophy is to deliver a curriculum that is enriched with the many aspects of the subject that are relevant to life and to society. Our departments are: English Department, Kiswahili Department, Science Department, Social Studies Department, CRE Department, Home-Science Department, Music Department, Art & Craft Department and PHE Department.

Guidance and Counselling Department

Social and mental well being has grown to become vital when it comes to the young’s well being. At Sukari Presbyterian Academy, we have a team of trained counselors who assist our pupils in various life issues for their betterment. Our Counselors hold one on one sessions with our individual pupils according to their challenges or group counseling for general topics e.g. Drugs and substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, etc. Proper follow-up is done to ensure that pupils who go through the counseling sessions become better and stronger to overcome the challenges that they may have.

Games and Sports Department

Sports offer opportunities to cultivate communication and leadership skills, to work as part of a team, and to develop resilience by learning to meet success and failure head-on. At Sukari Presbyterian Academy we incorporate various sporting activities to supplement academic learning. The school has a playground that is uniquely made to support football, netball, volleyball and basketball. There is also a sanded and safe playground that has been specially designed to accommodate children in the pre-primary section. Our school schedule provides for ample time for our students to play and allow sporting activities to build them up.

Computer Department

Every academic field relies on technology for its sustenance. In light of this, for our young generation to be at the forefront of game changers, it is of utmost importance that they grow up understanding the intricacies of this very subject. We would not have it any other way at Sukari Presbyterian Academy. Our facility includes a well-equipped computer lab where the students are introduced to ICT. Our classes are mandatory from grade one to grade four and from standard 5 to 7. In addition to this, our classrooms are equipped with digital projectors and full time internet connectivity as a tool to aid our pupils in learning.

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