The pre-primary section  is a group of children of ages between 3 and 6 years. It consists of three levels;  foundation, pre-primary 1 and pre-primary 2, with every level having fou streams each. 


The foundation level is the inception stage where the teacher is able to assess the child’s understanding and cooperation in class. When the teacher in charge is fully satisfied with the child’s achievements at the end of the year, the child is allowed to move to pre-primary 1.

Pre-primary 1 and 2

The primary 1 and primary 2 pupils are pupils aged 4-6 years. Upon completion of the foundation assessment, our pupils transition to pre primary 1. They are exposed to advanced learning and more activities that build up to what they had started in the foundational stage.

The pre-primary 2 is the transitional class from pre primary to lower primary.

On completion of the pre-primary level, there is usually a graduation ceremony as they are initiated into the lower primary level. Our school sets apart a day to celebrate the pupils for this milestone. Some speakers may  also be invited to motivate them as they proceed to the lower primary level.


Our children are taken through different activities everyday, throughout the week, by our very dedicated teachers. They are taken through language activities, mathematics activity, creative activities, music, environmental activities, CRE and psychomotor activities. 

Wednesdays are games day and the children get to play different types of games with supervision from their teachers. On Fridays, the children are taken through Pastoral Programme and Instruction(PPI) by the Parish Minister of the church.

Our workforce in the pre primary group consists of well qualified teachers who are wholly dedicated to their work. Each level is governed by at least two teachers.